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Slow Carb Diet Recipe – Pollo a...

Slow Carb Diet Recipe – Pollo a la Plancha
Here’s my take on a classic Cuban recipe – grilled chicken with black beans. Ingredients: Chicken 1 lb chicken breasts, pounded thin Cumin Lime Juice Salt and Pepper 1/2 Cup Chopped Yellow Onion 2 Cloves Finely Chopped Garlic Dry Oregano Olive Oil Beans 2 15oz cans of Black Beans (Beans removed and rinsed) 1 Cup Chopped Yellow [...]

Slow Carb Diet – Week 8 Results

Slow Carb Diet – Week 8 Results
I’ve now completed 8 weeks – nearly two months – on the Slow Carb Diet created by Tim Ferris and explained in The 4-Hour Body. In the past 8 weeks, I have: Lost 15 pounds Cut my body fat level from over 20% to under 13% Increased my energy levels Increased my feeling of overall wellness The progress photos speak for themse [...]

Time to Gain Some Mass – The Sl...

Time to Gain Some Mass – The Slow Carb Diet and Max OT Combination
I set out at the beginning of this year with a goal of reaching 10% body fat. Thanks to the Slow Carb Diet, I have been making outstanding progress towards this goal over the last 7 weeks. Now that I am getting closer to it, I’m realizing just how SKINNY I look! If you’ve been following along since my first post, you know I mentio [...]

Slow Carb Diet Week 7 Results –...

Slow Carb Diet Week 7 Results – The Return of the PAGG
In week seven, my weight stayed consistent from the week before. This is another example of a situation in which if I hadn’t been taking measurements each week, I would have thought no progress had been made. Fortunately, the measurements tell a different story! Based on my measurements for this week, my body fat % went down another .75 [...]

Slow Carb Diet Recipe – Beef St...

Slow Carb Diet Recipe – Beef Stew with Great Northern Beans
Alright slow carbers! I hear a lot of comments about how the slow carb diet is hard to follow because there’s nothing interesting to eat that fits it. That’s just not true! Here’s a recipe for a DELICIOUS beef stew that is both slow carb friendly and extremely nutritious. Ingredients: 1 – 28oz can of tomato sauce 2 &# [...]

Slow Carb Diet – Week 6 Results

Slow Carb Diet – Week 6 Results
Today was the conclusion of my sixth week of Tim Ferris’ Slow Carb Diet. I have now gone from 21% to 13% body fat in six weeks! Here’s the detail of my progress for the week: 1 lb net loss in weight Decrease in body fat % from 13.51% to 12.99% I’m continuing to see progress, though it seems to have slowed down a bit over [...]

Slow Carb Diet Day Off – Superbowl Ed...

Slow Carb Diet Day Off – Superbowl Edition
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about just how over the top I’ve been going on my off day on the Slow Carb Diet. A lot of people seem to think you can’t go too overboard or you’ll ruin all the progress. In my experience, that’s not true at all. Check out the smorgasbord of fattening crap food I inhaled on Su [...]

Slow Carb Diet – Week 5 Update

Slow Carb Diet – Week 5 Update
Another week of the slow carb diet, another week of solid progress! For a summary of my first four weeks of progress, see my earlier post here. During week five, I cut the PAGG stack that Tim discusses in The 4-Hour Body, in order to gauge any change in progress as a result. Otherwise, I kept the diet consistent and followed the parameters of [...]

Sticking to the Slow Carb Diet When T...

Sticking to the Slow Carb Diet When Traveling – Day Two
Well, this time I got a picture of the breakfast. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture of dinner. Happy hour with an important client turned into a full blown sit down meal, and stopping everyone so I could take pictures would have been too strange even for me. That being said, here is what I ate for the day: Breakfast – [...]

Sticking with the Slow Carb Diet Whil...

Sticking with the Slow Carb Diet While Traveling – One Day of Meals
I am a frequent business traveler. Like other business travelers, I have had difficulties over the years in consistently finding healthy eating options while on the road. You have to eat every meal in a restaurant. Often, there is pressure from others in a teaming environment to eat at restaurants where healthy options aren’t the norm. [...]