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Slow Carb Diet – Week 8 Results

I’ve now completed 8 weeks – nearly two months – on the Slow Carb Diet created by Tim Ferris and explained in The 4-Hour Body. In the past 8 weeks, I have:

  • Lost 15 pounds
  • Cut my body fat level from over 20% to under 13%
  • Increased my energy levels
  • Increased my feeling of overall wellness

The progress photos speak for themselves:

First day of Slow Carb Diet

Day one - Approximately 21% Body Fat

Slow Carb Diet conclusion of week 4

End of Week 4 - Approximately 14.5% Body Fat

Slow Carb Diet Week 8 Results

Conclusion of Week 8 - Approximately 12.25% Body Fat

I should note that much of this progress came with very little in the way of exercise until week 6, when I began adding high intensity weight training into my regimen. During week 8, I began the Max-OT program created by Paul Delia of AST Sports Science. Suffice to say this diet has been effective regardless of exercise level.

Right now, I am extremely happy with the progress I’ve made in 2 months following this eating plan. Not only to I feel and look better, but I have found that it is extremely easy to stick to the principles of the Slow Carb Diet. I’m not a fan of the typical view of “diets” which is to do something temporary in order to achieve short sighted results. I started this eating plan in January with the intention of finding a sustainable way of healthy eating, and the ease of this plan definitely provides a great base for healthy eating.

Week 8 Progress Summary:

For those that have been following along from week to week, here is a summary of my observations from the past week.

  • My weight remained steady and estimated body fat % was essentially flat as well. However, the measurements I took on weigh in day show continued improvement. I am continuing to see reductions in the circumference of my waist, while measurements on my arms and legs are beginning to increase.
  • As I get closer to my goal of 10% body fat, I am finding that I probably need to utilize more precise measurement methods. The changes are happening more slowly now that I am below 15% body fat and I am not fully confident in the basic estimation methods I’m using.

Update on PAGG:

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve also been experimenting with the PAGG (policosanolalpha lipoic acid,green tea extract, and  garlic) stack described by Tim in The Four Hour Body.  I went with the SCD alone (no PAGG) for weeks 5-6 and added PAGG into my regimen during weeks 7-8. During the past two weeks my progress has been steady, but I have not seen clear indications that PAGG is having a significant impact. As a result, I’m going to discontinue use of the PAGG for now.

What’s next:

I’m going to continue on the Slow Carb Diet in the coming weeks and also using the Max-OT training program mentioned above. Look for further updates this week related to my workout program.

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  1. March 28, 2011    

    Hi Jeremy,
    Your results are great! Seeing people achieve these results gives me motivation to keep at it as well. I’ve begun to document some of the slow carb meals I’ve found or created, and wondered if you might be interested in adding my site to your blogroll? My site is at http://slowcarbcook.blogspot.com. I’d be more than happy to link back to yours. Thanks!

    • Jeremy's Gravatar Jeremy
      March 28, 2011    

      Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for reading and for the comment! I’d be happy to add you to my blogroll – and I need to try out some of your recipes as well, they look great!


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